Standard thesis cover

At Personal Thesis we differentiate between two kinds of covers: a standard cover and a custom cover. In the Personal Thesis package there’s a standard cover, and in the Premium package there’s a custom cover.

In this article we’ll explain what a standard cover entails exactly, so that you’ll have a clear idea of what you can expect from the design when it comes to a standard cover. There is a separate page of information available regarding the custom thesis cover.

Constraints for a standard thesis cover

The way a standard cover is made can be described quite simply: your designer places an image that you have supplied, and designs the text on the cover. The invitation (often as bookmark) is also included in this design.

This sounds very limited, but really there are a lot of creative possibilities: the most important thing to remember is that we don’t do any elaborate edits to the image you supply – we simply place it the way you instruct us to. With a standard cover, we do not make any custom illustrations.

A standard cover in a nutshell

  • You supply a good quality image. If you’re not sure if the resolution is high enough, your designer can check that for you and let you know.
  • The image can be placed multiple times, for example on the back and the front of the cover. If the quality of the image is good enough, it can also cover the entire cover.
  • A different background colour of your cover is included.

  • Your designer places the image on your cover. The placement, size and cropping the image are included.
  • The design of the text on the front, back, spine and bookmark is included. This means that we can design the font, size and position of the text exactly how you like it.
  • After the initial intake conversation with your designer, you’ll receive a concept version. You have three correction rounds in total, and after that you’ll receive the final cover design.

A few of our cover designs:

Our designers love to design your inside but also excell in designing (custom) covers. Every week we add covers in order to give you new inspiration.

A little bit custom?

If you have an image that needs light editing, that’s almost always possible. The hard part however, is to get an idea of how long these edits would take. In discussion with your designer, you can have extra edits made to your image for an additional price of €30,- per hour (excluding taxes). Your designer can always give you an indication of how long they think the edits will take. Please note that it’s always possible for edits to take longer than expected – we can’t always foresee all the work that’s needed.

With a custom thesis cover, you’re more certain that everything is included in the price. So if you’re considering having a lot of edits made, that would possibly be a better option for you. Always make sure to discuss this with the coordinator and the designer before starting the design process, so that they’re up to date and we can help you in the best way possible.

The right image for your thesis cover

Maybe you already know exactly which image you want to place on your cover. If that’s not the case, we’re happy to brainstorm with you. For example, you can purchase images from through us for €25,- per image. In our knowledge base you’ll find more information about such stock photo websites (and about free alternatives).

If you can’t figure out which image to use, your designer can look together with you. If you truly have no inspiration, you can always ask your designer to come up with ideas. Do keep in mind that the time for that is limited with a standard cover.

Standard cover: common misconceptions

Can images be edited?

Edits that may seem very simple can sometimes take a lot of time, depending on the edit and the specifications of the image. Cutting out an object from an image (or removing the background) for example: this can sometimes be done with one click of a button, but often the contours need to be traced by hand, which costs significantly more time. Always discuss your wishes with the coordinator or your designer.

Type of cover based on end result

Another misconception we encounter often is determining the type of cover based on the end result. This is due to the great amount of image databases available. Based solely on the end result you can’t really determine if it’s a standard or custom cover: maybe the illustrated image was purchased online and placed (a standard cover), or maybe it was made by hand custom for that thesis cover (a custom cover).
Do you have a specific example in mind that you like from our website, and you’re not sure if it’s a standard or a custom cover? The coordinator can check this for you.

Custom cover

For this thesis our designer Elisa created a painting based on the whishes of her client. It is scanned, edited and placed on the cover.

Standard cover

For this thesis cover an image from Shutterstock is placed. Based on this cover you can’t determine if it is made custom or an existing image is used.

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