Little time? Rush Order!

When your dissertation needs to be designed within 10 working days, we speak of a rush order.  In this case, the process is accelerated by selecting a preselected template. Once we receive your files, we will design the complete dissertation according to your chosen template.

Afterwords we offer up to 2 correction rounds based on digital proofs. The quality of your dissertation will never diminish, but by accelerating the process, your dissertation becomes a little less personal.

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    Within 10 working days
    Preselected templates
    2 correction rounds
    No quality loss
    Fixed price

What documents do we need from you?

In order to achieve a good result within 10 working days, the files must be submitted correctly all at once. You will find a checklist on this page making it easy to check if your dissertation is complete. In the event of missing or delayed items, the overall delay that might occur is on your own risk. The realization within 10 working days can only be guaranteed when the complete dissertation is delivered correctly and in time. For additional information about submitting your files, you can view our delivery specifications.

Delivery specifications


Interior of your thesis:

    • Colophon (mind: sponsor & ISBN)
    • Title page of University
    • Index
    • Chapters 1 through X
        • Title pages, running titles
        • Figures & Tables
        • References
    • Summary (English & Dutch)
    • List of publications
    • Acknowledgements
    • Curriculum vitae
    • Appendices


    • Image for the cover
      (Also used for title pages)
    • Text for front, back and spine Spoed Omslag


    • InvitationSpoed Omslag
    • Theorems Spoed Omslag