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Emma van Daalen – Prognosis in small vessel vasculitis

Zeguang Liu – Ethylene-mediated hypoxia tolerance in Arabidopsis thaliana

Elke Tjeertes – Outliers Matter

Niels Uenk – Commissioning of Social Care Services

Dieke van Dinther – Interplay of CD169+ macrophages and dendritic cells

Natanja Oosterom – (Epi)genetic and biochemical determinants of methotrexate-induced oral mucositis in pediatric acute lymphoblastic leukemia

Mitchel Ruigrok – siRNA in precision-cut lung slices: knocking down fibrosis?

Thijs van Houwelingen – Telehealth competence in nursing enhancing skills and practice in providing care remotely

Gerardo Zavala – Intestinal parasites, inflammation and nutritional status in Mexican children

Maurits Wondergem – Exploring new modular imaging concepts of prostate cancer

Femke Mulder – Postpartum urinary retention: Risk factors, clinical, impact and management

Ed Hilterman – Going in and out of offending: Development aspects of risk assessment and juvenile offenders

Henry Keijzer – Melatonin Treatment in Circadian Rhythm Sleep-Wake Disorders

Laureen ten Berg-Lammers – Nutritional Conditioning: The Effect of Fasting on Drug Metabolism

Myrthe de Koning – Prediction of outcome following mild traumatic brain injury – From care to recovery

Selma Lekkerkerker – Improvement of diagnosis and treatment of pancreatic diseases

Robert van Boerdonk – Molecular profiling for risk assessment of pre-invasive endobronchial lesions

Robert-Jan Coelen – Risk assessment and perioperative care in perihilar cholangiocarcinoma

Charlotte Tutein Nolthenius – CT colonography for polyp surveillance & MRI features in Crohn’s disease

Sabine van den Akker – Preoperative and intraoperative diagnosis of ovarian tumours

Anton Boonen – Comprehend, visualize & calculate; solving mathematical word problems in contemporary math education

Juliëtte Cassé – Maternal resilience and parenting self-efficacy: A multi-method analysis of mediation and moderation effects

Andras Heijink – Elbow arthroplasty in perspective

Eelco Lens – Respiratory motion management for radiotherapy of pancreatic cancer patients