The layout process of your thesis:
from text to a designed book

Our process is best summarized in 5 short steps, in which you and your personal designer will work together to create a personally designed thesis. These five steps entail the following:

  1. Introduction and intake
  2. Design proof (and corrections)
  3. Design of inside of thesis and cover (and corrections)
  4. Making and approval of the proof print
  5. Production and delivery of books

Your designer will provide guidance during the entire process: the steps stated below will be discussed in the intake-conversation. If you have questions about our process please contact our coordinator.

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Our layout process in 5 steps


Step 1 – Preparation, introduction and intake

Hit the ground running!
There are a lot of things you can do in your preparation to get off to the best start possible. Of course it’s important to deliver us with (parts of) the content of the thesis the right way.  This makes the design process easier. Also, make sure to start in time and think about your wishes for the design: take a look at some of our examples, so you have an idea of what your preferences are.

> Read more about how you can get the best possible preparation for the design process in this article in our knowledge base.

After preparing, you’ll get introduced to the coordinator and your personal designer. After a short intake-conversation with the coordinator in which the planning and your general wishes will be discussed, you’ll be matched to your personal designer. With your designer, you’ll have a more elaborate intake concerning the design of your thesis.

In this first conversation, you’ll get to know each other and you’ll have a chance to clearly bring across what your wishes are regarding the design. The designer will guide you in making these decisions and will make suggestions about the design.


Step 2 – The design proof

After the first intake conversation with your personal designer, we’ll start designing your thesis. We do this by making a design proof. A design proof contains all elements of your thesis, put together in a layout of about 8-10 pages. This way, you’ll immediately get a clear image of what the thesis will look like once it’s completely designed.

Through a few correction rounds, you and your designer will make sure that the design is exactly as you’d envisioned it. You have three correction rounds available to reach an approved version of the design proof.

> Read more about how the design proof determines the design of your thesis, in our knowledge base


Step 3 – Design of the entire thesis

After determining the layout style in the design proof, we’ll ask you to supply us with the final Word-file of your approved thesis.

Upon receiving this, your designer will start designing your entire thesis. Simultaneously, your thesis cover will be designed. The chapter pages are also designed, usually based on the cover design. Once the entire thesis has the right layout, you’ll receive a PDF. You’ll then, once again, have three correction rounds for the entire inside of the thesis. You also have three separate correction rounds available for the cover design.

> More information about the design of your thesis can be found in our knowledge base. 


Step 4 – The proof print

As soon as your designer has finished the design of the thesis, we’ll send the files to the printer. They will then start preparing the files for the printing process, send you a digital proof and print and send a physical printed copy to you. We call this the proof print.

Usually, reviewing the proof print will be a bit different than reviewing the digital proof. If you have any corrections for the design after having received the proof print, your designer can make those edits for you. You have only one correction round available after the proof print, which is really meant for minor changes.

> In our knowledge base, you can find out more about why a proof print of your thesis is made.


Step 5 – Production and delivery of your books

After the proof print and the final corrections, the thesis is ready for printing. With your approval, we then send the final files to the printer for production.

Usually it takes two weeks to print the books and to have them delivered. Of course, this is a very exciting moment! But if you started out well prepared and if the collaboration with your designer went smoothly, the result will be just as great as you’ve imagined it. After receiving the books, it’s all up to you: your thesis defense is the final note of a special period of time.

After concluding the process we’ll ask you to evaluate the process and your experience. This way we keep an eye on and are able to improve the quality of our work at Personal Thesis.

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Curious how long it takes?