The layout process of your thesis:
from text to a designed book

Our process is best summarized in 5 short steps, you and your personal designer will work together to create a personally designed thesis. The process can be divided into 3 phases:

  1. Crafting your custom-designed thesis by creating a layout proof.
  2. Applying the previous designed layout on your entire thesis.
  3. Adjusting the end result and sending it off for printing.

Your designer will provide guidance during the entire process. If you have questions about our process please contact the head of our design team.

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Our layout process in 5 steps

Step 1 – Submitting your files

Enjoy the fruits of your preparation.
To hit the ground running, you can make preparations even before the layout of your thesis starts. To aid the designer in creating the best possible layout of your dissertation, you will need to submit your dissertation documents correctly. Additionally we advise to check out our thesis layout examples well in advance.

> Read more about how you can prepare yourself for the layout of your thesis in our knowledge base.

Step 2 – The introductory phonecall

Day 1 and 2 – Your personal designer will contact you.
Once your application has reached us, your personal designer will get in touch with you. We will always contact you by phone before starting the design of your thesis. This way you can get to know your designer and you can clearly state your wishes regarding the design. Your designer will inform you about the details of the process and may make suggestions to optimize the design.

> Interested in more information about the the introductory phonecall. Read more on our knowledge base.

Step 3 – The layout proof

Week 1 – A quick glance of the final result.
After your introductory phonecall with your designer the layout of your thesis will start. The first step is to create a layout proof. This proof summerizes all layout aspects in a few pages. In this way you’ll get a good idea of what the final layout will look like. You can refine the layout proof together with your designer during a set of adjustment rounds until you are satisfied with the end result.

> Read more about the layout proof and how it determines the layout of your thesis in our knowledge base.

Step 4 – A fully designed thesis

Weeks 2 and 3 – Your designer designs your entire thesis in accordance to the layout proof.
Your designer will now begin working on the layout of all chapters. In addition we will start the layout of your cover. Just as before, the designed cover and inside of your thesis will be sent to you in the form of a PDF in order to make adjustments to the design. We recommend you to inspect and read the submitted PDF. We offer a number of adjustment rounds to further perfect the design.

> Curious for more information about the design of your thesis?
Just visit our knowledge base.

Step 5 – A print proof of your thesis

Week 4 – A digital and print proof of your thesis are made by a printer of your choice.
When you have approved the design of your entire thesis and its cover, we will hand over the files to your  printing partner who will create a digital proof. You will have to approve this digital proof before a print proof is made. This print proof will include a full color print version of your cover and full inside. We ask you to check the print proof carefully as a printed version of your thesis will have a different feel compared to the digital version. Adjustments can be made in this stage, you will only have to relay them to your designer.

> Why would you make a print proof?
Read more about it on our knowledge base.

Receive your printed thesis

Week 6 or 7 – Your theses will be sent.
After the print proof and the final adjustments your thesis is ready to be printed. Often it takes up to two weeks before all dissertations are printed and delivered at a location you have designated. This is, of course, an exciting moment. When you were well prepared and had a good cooperation with your designer, the result will certainly be as beautiful as expected. After this it is up to you, the defense is the final sprint to the finish. As soon as you have the books in hand, we are satisfied. We ask you to evaluate the process, in that way we can improve the quality of our service.

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