Custom thesis cover

At Personal Thesis we differentiate between two kinds of covers: a standard cover and a custom cover. In the Personal Thesis package there’s a standard cover, and in the Premium package there’s a custom cover.

In this article we’ll explain what a custom cover entails exactly. We try to give you a clear idea of what you can expect from the design of a custom cover. There is a separate page of information available regarding the standard thesis cover.

Possibilities for a custom thesis cover

Unlike the more limited options that apply to a standard cover, the design of a custom cover gives you much more freedom. This also means that the design process for a custom cover can entail many things. For example, it could be the case that:

  • you have a general idea in mind and you’d like to have a designer make your idea visual;
  • you have a clear view of what you want and how you envision your thesis cover, and you want a designer to bring your ideas to life;
  • you have no idea what you want your cover to be, but you would like to be creatively assisted in the design of the cover.

The custom cover in a nutshell

  • You have an intake conversation with your designer in which you can discuss your ideas. We always advise to show (or send) your designer a few examples that you like, in that way the designer can get a clear image of what you like and in what direction you’d like to take the cover design.
  • The design of the text on the front, back, spine and bookmark is included. This means that we can design the font, size and position of the text exactly how you like it.

  • After the intake conversation, the designer makes a first version of your cover. You’ll receive this as PDF and you’ll be able to give your feedback on this version.
  • Upon receiving your feedback, the designer will make the changes you’ve suggested. In total you have three correction rounds available (this includes the first version) to get your cover exactly the way you wanted it.
  • After these correction rounds, you’ll receive the final cover design of your thesis.

A few of our cover designs:

Our designers love to design your inside but also excell in designing (custom) covers. Every week we add covers in order to give you new inspiration.

Custom cover: FAQ

“I don’t yet have any idea what I want on my custom cover. How can I be sure that I get matched to a designer that can design what I want?”
In order to be able to help you the best way we can, we always ask you to give us somewhat of an indication of what you want to have designed. This could be an example design that portrays the style you like (it doesn’t have to have the same concept you want, of course). If you really have no idea what you would want, the coordinator will help and advise you more to make sure you get a designer that’s capable of designing what you would like. Most of our custom cover-designers have a wide range of skills though!

“I want an analog (hand-made) design. Is that also possible within the custom cover?”
In most cases a certain amount of hand made work fits within the custom cover package. However, if you want a lot of analog hand made work it is possible the designer will charge an additional fee. This will always be discussed before the design.

I also want a custom design on the chapter pages. Is that possible?
If you’d like to place the design that’s made for your cover on your chapter pages, then that’s no problem at all. If you want a unique design for every chapter page we will charge an additional fee.