What does a standard dissertation look like?

Over the past couple of years, we have done the lay-out of hundreds of dissertations. This results in very experienced designers, but besides that it has given us a great insight into the statistics of theses. This article will give you more information on what a ‘standard thesis’ looks like.

We have decided to write this article after receiving the question what a standard thesis looks like multiple times. Our answer always is: “it does not matter”. The thesis of another person should not be important, as it is the quality of your research and the lay-out of your thesis that counts! However, we decided to show some of our statistics to illustrate how your colleagues have written their dissertations. We will focus on the average length of a thesis and the number of tables and figures you will usually find in it.

Please keep in mind that these numbers are all averages. Every subject requires a different structure; a microscopy research might have more figures compared to a statistical analysis.

An average thesis has around:
190 pages
26 figures
20 tables

Your dissertation might differ from these numbers, but of course that is no problem for us! Our prices are not dependent of the number of pages, figures or tables of your thesis. We offer the same price for every lay-out that we do. Are you still unsure about the technical structure of your dissertation? Fill in our application form and we will do a  check of your documents without any obligations. This way, you can make sure that your thesis is ready for layout and print!


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