How to start the lay-out of your thesis as well-prepared as possible?

You have finished writing all your publications, what a good and promising start! However, we would like to give you some additional advice on how to start the lay-out of your dissertation as well-prepared as possible. Surely, when it comes to the defence of your thesis you can never be over prepared! We would also like to refer you to the explanation of our entire lay-out process for your thesis. Additionally, you can find a more detailed article on our website in which we describe the first conversation you will have with your designer of Personal Thesis.

Tip 1. Planning

A university is very strict when it comes to the delivery of your dissertation to the promotion committee. In general, you should hand in your dissertation at least one month before your defence. The specific deadline is different for each university, so it is very important that you check this thoroughly and in time.

For the planning you should take in to account the production time of the thesis. A printing company usually will need ten working days to print and deliver your thesis to you. In case you want to outsource the thesis layout to Personal Thesis, you will also need to reserve additional time in your planning. The complete process of the lay-out of your thesis will take approximately 4 weeks.

Concluding, we recommend to make a small overview of all dates and deadlines.

Tip 2. Look for examples and inspiration

Before you will start your thesis design, it is recommended to have a clear image in your mind of what you do and don’t like. The easiest way to make up your mind is by looking through many examples of different dissertations and taking pictures of the ones you prefer. These pictures will help you to explain your preferences to your designer.

A neatly designed thesis will definitely impress, but adding an unexpected twist in your thesis lay-out is an easy way to surprise your readers and draw their attention. That is why we recommend you to look for inspiration in everyday life by looking at the world around you. We have written a separate article solely on about finding inspiration for your thesis design.

Tip 3. Collect all your texts

Lastly, we would like to advice you to collect all of your texts and store them in one place. It is very convenient to send all the chapters to your designer as separate Word-documents (.doc / .docx), once your thesis lay-out has started.

To ensure an optimal quality, it is best to save your figures separately as JPEG or TIFF files for example in a different folder. Microsoft Word will compress images resulting in a lower printing quality. Thereafter, you can refer to the figures in your Word document. The resolution of all figures will be checked by your designer and you will be notified which of the figures are of critical quality. You can read more on how to deliver Word documents for your thesis here.

You’re ready!

By following these tips, you can safely outsource your thesis layout. If you would like to outsource the lay-out of your dissertation to Personal Thesis, it is possible to fill in our application form. You are well-prepared to take your first step in the design process, a telephone call with your personal thesis designer. You can find more information about this first conversation with your designer on our website.

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