How does your designer lay-out your thesis?

As you could read in another article on our knowledge base, the lay-out of your thesis will be determined by means of a layout proof. After the layout proof has been finished and approved by you, this lay-out will be applied on the complete inside of your dissertation. Parallel to this process, your designer will also work on the design of your cover. The design of both the inside and the cover of your thesis are explained into more detail in this article. If you would like to know more about the layout test, we would like to refer you to the article about the layout proof of your dissertation in our knowledge base.

Lay-out of the chapters in your dissertation

After the design of your thesis lay-out has been determined in the layout proof, your designer will start to work on the layout of all the chapters in your dissertation. This will take approximately 1-2 weeks, dependent on the number of chapters in your thesis. After this period, you will receive all chapters in the correct lay-out at once. Your designer will send you these chapters in a PDF file.

We recommend you to check this PDF document thoroughly. Once you have received this file, we offer you three correction rounds to be able to fine-tune and complete the layout of your dissertation. Corrections can be communicated to your designer by means of notes in the PDF file containing all chapters that has been send to you. In our knowledge base, you can find another article that will elaborate on communicating corrections on your thesis lay-out to your designer by means of Adobe Acrobat Reader.

Important: make sure that all files that are delivered to your designer are definitive and complete. Our designers will have to charge an additional fee per hour for correcting textual mistakes in this complete version.  

Lay-out of the cover of your dissertation

Arguably, the cover is the most eye catching part of the complete thesis design. The lay-out of the thesis cover is a parallel process to the layout of the rest of your dissertation. A well-designed cover is one of the best ways to impress your readers and make your thesis a real eye-catcher. Our website offers many examples of thesis covers that have been designed by Persoonlijk Proefschrift. Would you like your dissertation to stand out? Then we recommend you to read our article on special cover designs for your thesis.

At Personal Thesis, we offer you complete freedom in the design of your thesis cover lay-out. In the standard process, we will start with an image chosen by you. This image will serve as the basis from which the rest of the lay-out will be designed by your designer. Did you not manage to find a good image yet? We would like to refer you to our article with tips on how to find a suitable image for the cover of your dissertation in our knowledge base.

Would you like us to create a personal design or image for your cover? Of course this is a possibility as well! Because the team of Personal Thesis consists of many different designers, there will always be a designer whose expertise will fit your wishes! If you opt for this personally designed cover, we recommend you to choose our Premium package for your thesis design in which the choice for a personally designed cover has already been marked.

We hope this article helped you get some more information on the lay-out of a dissertation. We understand that the result of this layout process will be special for you, four years of work will be bundled into one book. Of course you want this book to be perfect! That is why we recommend you to make a proof print of your thesis and make some last corrections in your dissertation together with your designer. More information on the print proof of your thesis and subsequent corrections can be found in this next article.

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