The design of a thesis containing more equations, variables, or formulas

When formatting a thesis that contains equations, extra care should be taken during the layout process. At Persoonlijk Proefschrift, we ensure that the content of equations remain entirely unchanged as they are incorporated into the designed thesis. This was the guiding principle in developing our technique for handling equations, formulas, or symbols! However, as one transitions from a digital file to a printed version, some small changes may occur in the look of the equations. In this article, we’ll explain the exact differences you can expect, and what the possibilities are.

Our software treats equations as unique formatting elements distinct from the running text of the thesis. This minimizes the risk of unintended alterations, especially during final revisions. Thus, we prevent both you and your designer from inadvertently introducing errors during corrections, which could then end up in your printed thesis.

The design of equations

Depending on your equations, it’s possible that their formatting in the printed thesis may slightly differ from the look in your original document. This is due to Microsoft Word. Word’s built-in equation feature can not export equations with exactly the same design to print-ready files.

To illustrate the difference, consider the example below. The top image shows the equation in Microsoft Word, while the bottom image depicts the same equation in the designed thesis. As you can see, there’s a slight difference in formatting, but the content remains identical.

Formules V2 en

Pay attention to the blue circle, which illustrates a clear example of a situation where the layout of an equation in the printed thesis differs from the layout in the original Word file.

What are the options for fonts of equations?

The font for equations is fixed and cannot be adjusted. This is partly due to the limitations of Microsoft Word. Additionally, the risk of errors is too great when attempting to change the font of equations. Fonts have different dimensions and characteristics, which can cause the content of equations to shift or change when the font is altered. It would be a shame to overlook such unintended alterations during the formatting process, and for them to show up in your completed thesis.

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