A bookmark or invitation

It is customary for a thesis to come with a bookmark – you might have already noticed this from your PhD collegues. This bookmark has taken on a second use as an invitation for the thesis defence. The information that’s on the bookmarks of theses has therefore become pretty similar. Another aspect of a thesis bookmark is its tall and narrow dimensions. The bookmark below is a very typical example:


Voorbeeld Boekenlegger Klantenkennisbank

Sentence flow

As you can tell, the tall proportions of the bookmark allow only a limited number of words per line. Keep this in mind when you are writing the text for your bookmark. Long sentences don’t flow well when they are spread over several lines of text. It is possible for your designer to help you with this and minimally adjust your phrasing for optimal legibility.


If you wish to be sure about the sentence flow of your bookmark, download the Word template below to write your invitation text. This template has the same dimensions as the bookmark, ensuring your text will always fit. You can then hand off the template to your designer. The template is not required, and you can send your invitation text to your designer in any way you please.


Example text

The example below offers a chance to copy the text of the example so that you can use it in your own files.


to attend the public defense
of the thesis

Beyond the Lab Coat
Unraveling the
Fontastic Influence of Typography
in Scientific Discourse

Aria Serifs

on Wednesday,
November 7, 2026 at 11:30
in the Academiegebouw
of the Universiteit Utrecht,
Domplein 29 in Utrecht

Afterwards, you are invited
to attend the reception on site

Quilliam Kernstein
Inklin Verdana

Schreefstraat 1
73331PT Utrecht
+31 6 12 34 56 78



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