Submit the files of your thesis

When we design your thesis, we distinguish 2 delivery moments. To start with the design of your layout proof we only need a (concept) version of your thesis. This document doesn’t have to be complete or final.

As soon as the layout proof is approved we need your complete and final files, this is the second submit moment. Below we explain per moment what you need to deliver exactly.

To get started…
1. Submit for layout proof

To start with the layout of your thesis we only need a concept of your thesis as Word file. The file doesn’t have to be complete, it gives us a good idea of the size and contents of your thesis. Images do not yet have to be delivered separately and can simply remain in the document.


  • Submit a concept version of your Word file.
  • Images and tables can remain in the document.
  • It does not have to be final or approved.

Is your concept file ready?

Submit your request

…later on in the process:
2. Submit for the full inside

As soon as the layout proof is approved we start with the design of your complete inside. Now we need your final document. In this case, we need one Word document in which all figures and tables are placed in the right spot. To preserve the quality of your images we ask you the deliver your images also separately. We check the resolution of your images, after submitting your files we will let you know which are of insufficient quality.


  • Final Word file, checked for spelling and grammar.
  • Tables in the right spot in your Word file.
  • Images in the Word document ánd as separate files (.pdf / .jpg / .png / no Powerpoint or Word file) in the highest resolution possible.
  • Both approved title pages.
  • Short titles to put on top of the page.

Can I submit my thesis as PDF?

The submission of your published article as PDF (the way it is published in a magazine for instance) is not possible. Text in a PDF lost it’s ‘flow’, which means that the layout is static. To insert your text in the size of a thesis it has to be dynamic to enable the text to ‘re-flow’.

To convert or save this PDF as a Word document doesn’t solve the problem. We can’t work with these kind of files.

When changes are made to the PDF article compared to the Word document we recommend you to apply the (mostly minor) changes to your Word document. You can submit this modified document to us. We can ensure you that we are able to process that file in a proper way.

A PDF-layout

In ‘thesis-land’ a PDF-layout is a common layout. In this case, your Word document will be exported as PDF and scaled to the size of a thesis. In most cases, you can add headings, page numbers and a edge index.

If you are interested in such a layout Persoonlijk Proefschrift can help you to create it. We recommend you to only do this when you are fully satisfied with the layout of your Word document.

The ‘standard’ elements of a thesis.

Each dissertation contains a number of standard elements. When your documents are submitted properly, our designers can efficiently layout your dissertation. Our checklist gives a clear overview of all these standard elements.


  • Image for the cover (Also used for title pages)
  • Text for front, back and spine


  • Invitation Spoed Omslag
  • Theorems Spoed Omslag


  • Colophon (think of: sponsor & ISBN)
  • Title page of University
  • Index
  • Chapters 1 to X
    • Title pages, running titles
    • Figures & Tables
    • References
  • Summary (English & Dutch)
  • List of publications
  • Acknowledgements
  • Curriculum vitae
  • Appendices