What documents do we need from you?

Before we start the design of your dissertation, we ask you to review the checklist below. The checklist will provide an overview of the documents needed to complete the design of your thesis.

We advise that you consider your design preferences beforehand, including: font, cover, chapter designation etc. Providing examples will ease communication about the design and speed up the entire process.

Examples as inspiration

How to share your documents with us?

At first we will only need one document, preferably a word document containing your entire thesis. We prefer to also receive the figures contained in the manuscript. We use this document to make an assessment of the design process.

Share your files with us!

After the first assessment we will start the design process. In order to start we need all chapters as separate Word documents (.doc / .docx). In the file name, clearly indicate the chapter number (for example: chapter1.docx). Please also provide figures independently in original formatting (.jpg, .ppt, .xls/xlsx, .ai, etc). Word documents reduce image quality, so we prefer to work with original formatted images.


Each dissertation is built from a number of basic subjects. When your documents are submitted properly, our designers can efficiently layout your dissertation. Our checklist gives a clear overview of all these basic components.

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Interior of your thesis:

  • Colophon (mind: sponsor & ISBN)
  • Title page of University
  • Index
  • Chapters 1 through X
    • Title pages, running titles
    • Figures & Tables
    • References
  • Summary (English & Dutch)
  • List of publications
  • Acknowledgements
  • Curriculum vitae
  • Appendices


  • Image for the cover (Also used for title pages)
  • Text for front, back and spine


  • Invitation Spoed Omslag
  • Theorems Spoed Omslag